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The main responsibility of the Public Health Department for the Village of Jerome is to enforce the ordinances regarding public health and to address violations thereof within the Village.

The department enforces ordinances ranging from leaf burning, handling of garbage, inoperable automobiles, to control of animals. The village has many ordinances addressing a wide variety of subjects.

If a problem exists which falls under the public health department, a resident should call the village offices at (217) 546-2203, or the trustee in charge of the department in order to file a complaint. The identity of the resident filing the complaint will not be disclosed. The complaint will then be investigated and a determination will be made if a violation exists. If a violation does exist, the resident who has committed the violation will be notified and required to take corrective action.  If corrective action is not taken, fines and penalties will be assessed as permitted by the ordinance.

The Village of Jerome does not permit leaf burning and there are restrictions on bonfires.  These restrictions should be reviewed by any resident wishing to have a recreational fire.

In addition, ordinances exist regulating the keeping of animals in the village, the storing of boats and campers, as well as removal of debris and garbage from a resident's property, along with various other topics. The Public Health Ordinances may be viewed at the Village offices during regular business hours In addition to enforcing public health ordinances, the Public Health Department arranges for the Sangamon County Health Department to come to the Jerome Civic Center each fall to provide Influenza vaccination shots to the residents at a reduced cost.


Shirley Johnson Trustee